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CAGED System

The C, A, G, E, & D chords can be a basis creating all other fingerings for every known chord. This is just one way to learn a whole bunch of chords and to understand our fretboard [another is linear versions]. Once we know a chord, a chord is just a chord; not necessarily a chord based on another. By using this method [see our CAGED learning unit], every closed fretted entity gets 12 for 1 [movable to every position, and keeps its quality]. CAGED is a valuable thing to know & doesn't interfere with creativity; rather, it provides a framework for figuring out every chord.

We start by getting these chords in our hands. Fret the following chords.

5 basic guitar chord forms, caged

This system, CAGED, provides an architecture for learning all of the possible fingerings for any type of chord [we will need to memorize the chord components within each form [Root, 3rd, 5th], so that we can modify tones by using formulas].

Once you have these chords, move on to this lesson.